Behind the Stigma: Stories of Addiction and Recovery

Created by

Jonathan Avery, MD and Daniel Knoepflmacher, MD


Amy Veltman


Ray Chim


Daniel Knoepflmacher, MD

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Dranole Gould
Rob Carmona
Robin Kellner
Sara Santiago
Tom Rodman

Funding support provided by Robin Kellner Sicher and John Sicher.

Individuals with Substance Use Disorders

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Rob Casimiro
Alex Hass
German Hernandez
Russ Kuchman
Dennis Myers
Olushola Reis
John Wohlbruck
Chia-Wen Wu

Changes in Psychiatry Residents’ Attitudes Towards Individuals with Substance Use Disorders Over the Course of Residency Training

Jonathan Avery, MD
Bernadine H. Han, MD, MS
Erin Zerbo, MD
Guojiao Wu, MS
Elizabeth Mauer, MS
Joseph Avery, JD
Stephen Ross, MD
Julie B. Penzner, MD